The newly flourished, Government Law College Dharmapuri, itself reflects the historical nature of Adhiyaman’s Fortress. Dharmapuri is known for the breath-taking Hogenakkel Waterfalls frequently quoted as ‘The Niagra of India’.The new legal institution was established by the Government of Tamilnadu, as per the G.O. No. 230 of 2017, Law (legal education) department dated 25.05.2017, on the recommendations of the Director of Legal Studies, Chennai, Prof.(Dr.) N.S. Santhosh Kumar, M.Com., M.A., M.L., Ph.D., whose perseverance and impetus to establish a new law college at Dharmapuri is in fact quiet unimaginable. Now, it has been temporarily camped near the Dharmapuri Bus Stand surrounded by varieties of flora in and around. Our institution is prepared to set free the legal legends with flying colours. The penultimate nitty-gritty of our college exists to maintain the standard of the law students in all perspectives and most accurately to construct the exponentials in law and why in justice.The untiring teaching and non-teaching staff contributes their full-fledged service, to excel the law students in academic activities and to maintain the dignity and decorum of our institution. In order to innovate our students in the digital era, the enthusiastically – serving legal faculties are inculcating the emanating technological academic ideas and comprehensive legal aspects.As an auspicious law student, enlightens and excels the legal institutions and an entity of social transformation too, the ultimate view of our institution symbolises “justice, equality and unbiased”. Hence, it is our bounden duty to produce such legal aspirants as per the words of The Holy Saint, Thiruvalluvar in 118th Kural that, “to incline to either side but to rest impartial as the even –fixed scale, is the ornament of the wise”.

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